Ceasar Jones

Hello visitor! I am Ceasar Jones, a natural light portrait and landscape photographer based out of Rochester, New York.

Here's a little background on me: I was born into a military family in North Carolina. After living in Germany and Louisiana for a few years, I let my roots grow in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The majestic Rockies will always hold a special place in my heart.

During elementary school, I took an interest in traditional art: water coloring, oil, etc. After being rejected from an art institute in Minnesota because I was only 12 and the minimum age for admission was 14, I moved on -- or so I thought. During high school, I took a videography course. I started to appreciate and respect visual arts.

It was not until I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology as a Mechanical Engineering Technology student when I found photography through a dear friend who is a professional sports photographer. From there on, it started as a hobby and then turned into something of a passion.

I enjoy making connections with people and organizations through photography.

If you want a print or a great photo of yourself, get in touch!