Summer Vibes

Hello everybody, and welcome to my first blog post on this website!

I wanted to share some pictures from a recent photo shoot with Erica Jae, a well-known photographer in the Rochester area. She is part of an art collective, UUU. The organization hopes to open a gallery this summer! Keep an eye out, I'll be there.

Needless to say, I was a bit intimidated because I don't often find myself shooting another photographer. But hey, who's got the time to hesitate? I dove straight in and got started as soon as we found each other on the Genesee River!

I set out to execute an idea in mind: a thrilled girl soaking in the sun rays that had been hidden during another long winter in Rochester. To help portray this, I decided to go to The Hamilton apartments based on a recommendation by a friend. The blue/yellow/pink walls acted as a cool backdrop against Erica's coral sundress. Here we go!


It's unbelievable how the city just springs to life after the summer starts heating up. Go outside and get some vitamin D in yourself!

Check out Erica's work:

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