RichiePan Forever

The late Richie Panarra is a legend in the biker/American art/tattooing community. I didn’t realize just how well-known he was until his second son and a good friend of mine, Dylan Panarra, invited me to attend the Indian Larry Grease Monkey block party in Brooklyn. It consisted of a bike show, a bike jump by Cole Freeman, and various vendor booths. A couple of us from Rochester went down there to support the release of, a website that sells prints of Richie’s old art and apparel to celebrate his life.

The PAN booth was adorned with Richie’s artwork, clothing, and his favorite panhead bike, Viola. Below is a photograph of Dylan explaining how it worked to his girlfriend.


Just by looking at the bike, you could tell it had a lot of miles on it. It was full of home garage modifications, including a kick starter pedal with “PAN” cut through the pedal itself. I lost count of how many people came up to either Dylan or his mother, Cindy, to share stories of how they remembered Richie.

Through my camera, I was able to get a better understanding of how the Panarra family became a well-known, loved, and respected name in New Jersey. I’m fortunate to know his sons and to have the opportunity to observe them make their own marks with what little time that we all have.


And with that mixture of tire smoke and burnt rubber, I’m out. Catch you next time!

P.S. I saved a few more photos in my story highlights titled, “Richie Pan”. It can be found on my Instagram profile page. Go there and tell me which photo you liked the most!

Ceasar Jones